By : website admin, Published on : 02-08-2017

We recommend to take safety while looking for a match online. As a facilitator, we try to screen & match the best one for you. But we abide with certain limitations when finding out the match for the profile.

So we highly recommend being aware & alert when looking for the match.


  • Privatize the profile as much as possible. Do not reveal too much information about your workplace, telephone, address
  • Stay away from the people who ask for money, this could be scam alert.
  • Use "Request an Image" feature
  • Keep family involved
  • Do not fall into trap of pressure
  • When some behave badly - alert us
  • Never meet the match alone for the first time, involve family.Prefer profiles that are been validated
  • Keep check, ask questions if required
  • Before dialing check the number is not having strange code to avoid huge bills.
  • Use pre-paid mobile number for communicating.
  • l) Make sure you log out from the system, once you have used the system.

Matrimony is a lifetime decision, So it you to make a decision what is best for you. So take precautionary steps for your safety. In case if you come across the fraudulent profile, somebody harassing, Report to us immediately.